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Film Review: The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Well, let me say that I really wanted to like this film. The first one was so enjoyable and I laughed so much that it actually hurt. Like most good films, I cried and I laughed as the film took me through the entire emotional spectrum. It was violent, heart whelming, sweet and funny. This one, however, barely got a chuckle out of me.

I expected so much more from a film that was populated with some of Hollywood's best. They let me down. Even the usually masterful Morgan Freeman was not enough to save this movie. In fact, I feel like he phoned in his performance. Even Ryan Reynolds, who usually makes me laugh every time he opens his mouth, fell flat; and flat, is the right term for his performance. When the jokes weren't the exact same as the first, and I mean exact, they were vulgar, predictable and boring.

The truth is that the plot was so juvenile and ridiculous that none of these tried and true Hollywood royals could have saved it. The directing was fine and the cinematography was adequate, but it just felt like a bad made for TV movie. There is such a thing as so ridiculous that it's funny. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is one such film. This one, however, is not. If it was as juvenile and stupid as Jay and Silent Bob I would have liked it more. It was kind of like a vulgar Disney Chanel movie. To vulgar to be PG-13, but to stupid to be R.

The plot is pretty simple. Sam Jackson is missing and his wife gets Ryan Reynold to go find him. Ryan is on sabbatical because his license is suspended until an inquiry determines if he will be reinstated. He had a mental breakdown and has given up violence to try and cope, and of course, that's not going to stick. They all hate each other, or pretend to, and then the bad guys come along and action happens. There are a few twists that I won't spoil, but I saw them coming a mile away. The ending was more then just ridiculous, it was actually stupid.

This film has nothing special or new to offer, but if it had simply done the usual well, I may not have loved it, but I would have liked it. As is, it was barely entertaining. At least I didn't fall asleep, but that's not saying much. Honestly, this is a rental at best, or even a "on tv" film. Don't waste your money at the theater. When it comes on Netflix, HBO max, or possibly Redbox then check it out. Other then that, just pass this one by.


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