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Short Story

USAF Colonel Christian Racene is a husband and father who works long hours as one of the Presidents science advisors. When he is inexplicably called away to the mysterious complex known as Area 51, he discovers that project Wonderland, a program that has been based on his research on dark matter, has been relocated to the facility. Colonel Aliya Johnson head of Project Wonderland has asked for his help specifically, because she has encountered an enigma that only he can solve. What Christian finds there will challenge his views of the universe and possibly all of reality itself.

Dark Mater is a short story that is published in the Bayonet Books Anthology "Storming Area 51 Volume 2"


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Police detectives Jared Caddrett and Dana Campbell are tasked with finding a killer when a trail of dead bodies leads through a once tranquil Binghamton New York. When a mysterious FBI agent from the big city shows up, they begin to realize that something far more sinister has come to their little City. As the war between the spirits of Justice and Injustice threaten to invade the earthly realm and angels and demons battle, what began as a simple murder investigation will lead the two detectives into the unseen world that exists in the shadows, thrusting them into a supernatural war that has been raging for millennia.

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