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5 Book Series That Hollywood Should Consider

Updated: Jan 14

Ok, so one of the issues I have with Hollywood is the constant reboots. I mean, I really don't need another Batman reboot do you? As much as I love superheroes, I am kind of sick of them. Especially, the origin story. One of the points that made Spiderman Homecoming work, was that it wasn't an origin story. he was already in the MCU and his origin was hinted at but not given to us with a stand alone movie. This was masterful, since we all already know the story.

Disney is the king of reboots and remakes and has literally become creatively bankrupt. Yes, Pixar has given us a few good movies, but over all, Disney has given us nothing but Superheroes, live action remakes, shows and films obviously created for virtue signaling, and more obvious societal brainwashing. Warner Brothers, universal and pretty much every other big name production company are doing the same. Sure, we have had a few really good shows such as the Last Of Us, Game of Thrones, and the Boys, but pretty much everything else is some kind of reboot or remake. Even Amazons Jack Ryan and Reacher are reboots of movies.

In a future blog post, I am going to give a top 5 list of IP's that need to just die, but for now I want to talk about 5 creative properties I feel would make good TV and Film. Hollywood is dying and they are throwing money at what they feel are sure things since they can't afford to try new things and fail. This is also the state of the tradition publishing world, where they are no longer willing to take chances on authors who do not either have, an already established fan base, or a name. Now this list will most likely involve author friends of mine, but I feel that a lot of these works are overlooked because they are not necessarily main stream. Also, I will try to pick five different genres, since most people watch more then just one kind of genre. So, now that I have given the parameters, lets get to the list.

  1. Galaxy's Edge by Nick Cole and Jason Anspach

Ok, so I love this series, and Nick Cole and Jason Anspach are two of the greatest guys you will ever meet. I only know them from social media, but both of them have responded when I have sent them messages asking for advice or help with my writing. Also, two friends of mine write in this world and they are two of the most amazing human beings I know, so how could this series go wrong with creators like that working on it.

My personal opinions aside, this really is a great series. It is primarily military sci-fi, but it is a very expansive universe that encompasses far more than just the tradition Military Sci-fi tropes and characters. I have heard it compared to Star Wars and I would agree. Since Disney has managed to pretty much kill Star Wars, this series would be a great catch for any company that wants to give Disney Star Wars a run for their money. Just like Star Wars it has multiple races, factions and worlds that all come together to create a living breathing universe that feels authentic and lived in. So, if you are smart, and most of these companies have shown they aren't, you would be very wise to check this series out. Likewise, if you are a reader, I highly recommend this series.

2. The Empire of Bones Series by Terry Mixon

Ok, if ever I have read a series that gave me the Star Trek or Stargate vibe, this series is it. Set aside that Terry Mixon has been highly influential in my own writing journey, this series is one of my favorites. I am truly a fan of his work and I recommend it to everyone.

Fun, exciting and set in a galaxy far far away, Empire of Bones is a must read for everyone and would be a good choice for any company who wants to compete with Paramount's Star Trek. By the end of the first book I was in love with princess Kelsey and her half brother Jared and I couldn't help myself from binging the series to find out what happens next.

Since fans have either hated or found lack luster the current direction of Star Trek, Empire of Bones can and would be a viable rival to the franchise. Star trek has lost its legs and even hard core fans are not onboard with a lot of the new content and the atmosphere is ripe for a show that can replace it and this series can and should.

3. The Black By Paul Cooley

Ok, so Paul Cooley is one of the hosts of the Dead Robots Society podcast and this show has meant a lot to me. Yes, I don't really listen to it like I used to, but it is a podcast by writers for writers and it's a great listen for authors. Paul and Terry took it over after the original cast moved on, and even though I don't follow it like I used to, it is still a show I direct all new authors too. Whereas, I don't agree with Paul on religion, politics or pretty much anything else other than story telling, this series is just great.

For companies that are looking for heart pounding horror with a left leaning political message, this is the series for you. It is about how mankind's greed and lack of respect for nature has led to the creation of a monster that threatens to wipe them out and possibly destroy the world.

Is this book and its subsequent instalments something you've never seen before, no. but it is, however, an amazing thrill ride with a fantastic monster that would make anyone's blood grow cold. I honestly couldn't put it down and found my heart pounding after each chapter. It probably wouldn't make a great series, but a Halloween blockbuster or Netflix or Hulu horror instalment, absolutely. If any of you companies read my blog, which I am pretty sure you don't, check Paul's stuff out and throw some money in his direction. You won't regret it if you do.

4. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Ok, so this did get a mediocre one season show in the early 2000's that aired on Sci-fi. It wasn't a faithful adaption of the source material even though I actually loved Paul Blackthorne's rendition of Dresden. The rest of the show, however, was pretty bad and Dresden deserves better.

Given that the paranormal is now a multimillion dollar industry, (Here's looking at you Travel Chanel) a good show about a wizard who fights those monsters should be like printing money. Yes, Supernatural is a show that is similar, but it's on its last leg and should be put out of its miserly if it hasn't already. It was a good show for the first thousand seasons, but now they are just beating a dead horse.

The Dresden Files could fill the void Supernatural leaves behind. That is, as long as it's not done by the CW or any other low tier network that doesn't have the resources or ability to make a good show. I would tell either Netflix or Amazon to get this show, but they would have to fight the urge to change ANYTHING from the source material and I mean ANNYTHING. No gender swapping, race swapping or major world changing. Hopefully after the failure of Rings of Power, The Wheel of Time, the Third Season of Witcher and pretty much every other IP they touch, they realize that changing the source material angers the fans and doesn't bring in new ones. Dresden would be a juggernaut, but only if they didn't change the story and the characters. If they gave me a good and faithful Dresden Files adaption, I would throw money at them and so would a lot of people.

5. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Well, Pretty much anything Brandon Sanderson writes would make a decent show or movie. Mistborn, however, if handled well, would give Game of Thrones a run for its money. The idea Mistborn formed from was, what if the chosen one actual lost and the wrong guy takes over the world. This is such a great premise for a book series. On top of that, the first installment is a heist!

I do feel that this could be a movie franchise, but I feel like it would work better as a show. If I were HBO, I would look to the future where GOT is no longer a thing and pick up the rights to this IP. Yes, House of the Dragon is good, but no spin off other than a prequal is going to land. Especially since the show ended with two bad season and one of the worst finales of any show in history.

Given that Amazon has botched every fantasy IP they have tried, I wouldn't want them to get it. Netflix could be a good option, but they would again have to resist the urge to change the source material to make it more SJW. HBO lets the material be what it is and that's why I think they would be the best choice, but they are throwing money at JK Rowling in an attempt to make a Harry potter show. HBO, if you are listening, Mistborn is a better choice even though HP is one of the most popular IP's in history. If you had the money, do both. One for the family and one for the adults.

So here is my list of 5 book series I feel would make good shows or movies. There are literally a thousand other choices that would be good, but these are my top five. I will say, however, that these companies really don't know what makes good programing and they are usually their own worst enemies. Netflix's Witcher, Amazon's Rings of power and Wheel of Time, and Paramount's Halo are perfect examples. Do I have hope that we will eventually see these books made into good shows or films? No I do not. Not only are big companies too OCD focused on IP's that have been successful in the past, they would most likely ruin them with SJW politics or unnecessary changes to the source material. Oh well, maybe in the future this won't be the norm. We can only hope.


  • Here is a list of runner ups that I also feel would be good choices.

  1. Redwall from Brian Jacques

  2. Codex Alera by Jim Butcher

  3. Chimera Company by Tim C Taylor

  4. The Human Legion by Tim C Taylor and Others

  5. The legend of Drizzt series by RA Salvatore

  6. Vengeance From the Deep by Russ Elliott

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