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In the normally tranquil city of Binghamton in upstate New York women are turning up dead. Murder is something every town experiences, but here in the country, two in as many days is frightening. Police detectives Jared Caddrett and Dana Campbell are tasked with finding the killer, but when a mysterious FBI agent from the big city shows up, they begin to realize that something far more sinister has come to their country city. As the war between the spirits of Justice and Injustice threaten to invade the earthly realm and angels and demons battle, what began as a simple murder investigation will lead the two detectives into the unseen world that exists in the shadows, thrusting them into a supernatural war that has been raging for millennia.

DEATH: Book One of the Justice Cycle the new book from author JW Kiefer is coming soon to eBook and paperback. 


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Check out where you can discover the best books. I have published a list of books that have the most unique magic systems. Just click on the picture in the next panel. Also check out their other lists from amazing authors of all genres such as The Best Books About Magic (Supernatural).

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